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Aggregating small farmers to create sustainable communities globally- Gerard Rego -

Interesting concept of using the first mile to concentrate the first mile by concentrating activity within the fist mile. Creating a closed loop resource production that all is made within one mile.  Check out the Video and share your thoughts- it is not the best production quality but the ideas are quite intriguing. This is a fascinating example of how to think differently through concentrating resources. Improving life for everyone around you while MAKING PROFITS everyone around you.


"capitalism is built on centralization of resources"

- Gerard Rego

"producing while they consume"

- Gerard Rego


"Having people participate in the social movement is the most powerful force you can talk about... the trigger, do you want to go from 2.00 dollars a day to 15 dollars a day?"

- Gerard Rego


The term "First Mile" was coined by Titus Moetsabi, a poet/ developmental communications specialist, at a Southern African Rural Connectivity Workshop in Harare in February, 1997.
At VayuGrid, First Mile is all about the Individual and community of where people like you and me live, whether in rural or urban communities. We believe that the “last mile socio-economic model” is making way as an evolution for the First Mile creating whole new opportunities for demand-supply in industries such as energy, financial services, healthcare, education, water, agriculture, commodities, etc.
We relate this to what Mahatma Gandhi believed in: Local production and consumption, and focus on “production by the masses” rather than “mass production, would be sustainable and replicable.” In VayuGrid, we call it Prosumption (Productions + Consumption). The First Mile is a natural and an inherent competitive business model built around local clusters of social capital and resources linking demand-supply communities via community intermediation based on Social eBusiness and Social Commerce.

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